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A. Stage Plays--Commercial

B. Stage Plays--Young Audience

C. Corporate


I've written over 35 stage plays, and I've had more than my share of luck
with these endeavors.  Some of them have been honored by a variety
of national awards and recognitions, and almost all of them have been
produced at least once. (for fuller information click here for my bio)

Here is a small cross-section of titles.



For the purposes of easy sampling, here are four titles:
my newest drama, a new-ish musical, a seagoing adventure and an oft-produced comedy


(two males, one set)

Ben Calloway can't seem to get his bearings in his own home anymore.  
Fifty-seven years old, recently widowed, childless and retired from the 
Kansas Highway Patrol, he's adrift... and even though he's never seen 
the ocean, he decides he should build a boat and sail across the Atlantic, 
single-handed.  When Ben agrees to let the troubled son of his next-door-
neighbor make a movie about his boat-building project, the two men -- 
generations apart and lonely in very different ways -- force one another 
to confront the isolation in their own lives.

Licensing of The Boatwright is now handled by DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY.

For perusal copies or information about performance rights, visit
or telephone 800-448-7469, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm CST

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(2 females, 5 males, with doubling; shifting locales on a unit set.)

A seagoing adventure set in the late 19th century, "a time of clipper ships and
courses yet uncharted."   Annie Pilgrim, a middle-aged woman longing for
a change in her life, decides to leave her home in Victorian England for a chance
to win a reward offered by the Queen herself-- a reward to be paid to the first
person succesful in the delivery of live honeybees to the colonists of New Zealand.
Scoffing at the risks, Annie boards a clippership with four healthy colonies of bees,
determined to claim her reward and to start a new life.  But strange things begin to
happen, and Annie soon finds herself swept up in a fantastic adventure that carries
her not just to the bottom of the world but to very heart of what it means to serve
an idea with courage and loyalty.

In Service of the Queen makes thorough use of the poetic power of theatre
to move an audience across time and space using only language and imagination.
The Goodman Theatre said that the play has "a gorgeous sense of theatricality
showcasing truly lovely writing."

If you'd like a look at this unique theatre experience, CLICK HERE

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(2 males, one female, with triping and quadrupling; shifting locales on a unit set.)

A contemporary comedy conceived and written for three actors and simple scenic
demands, the play charts the course of a lost soul named Harold, who is seeking the
one truth that will solve his problematic relationships with the fair sex.  In the course
of the play, Harold solicits the advice of a variety of well-meaning men and women,
all of whom are played by the same two actors, which adds a lot of fun to things.

Manly Men won the first annual National New Play Award of The Production
Company and has been the most frequently-produced of my works.  The
Richmond Times Dispatch said "Bo Wilson is the real thing... Manly Men has laughs--
lots and lots of laughs-- and, like all good humor, it offers a few serious thoughts
along the way."  Style Weekly Magazine called it "A delightful evening of theatre...
Wilson deserves highest praise for the delicacy of his thinking and writing... it all has a
ring of truth both sexes will enjoy... An evening with Manly Men is one of those
all-too-rare audience privileges."

If you'd like to download your own copy of Manly Men, CLICK HERE

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The majority of my plays are commercial ventures for adult audiences, but quite a few
have been for young audiences.  I've been commissioned to adapt fairy tales for very
young students, and I've also been commissioned to write educational pieces for older
students.   The educational pieces run the range from historical topics, to science and
math, to current social issues.  I've included three of the most popular below.

is a play for five actors, written for a young teen audience.  Its heroine is a young girl
named Jessie, who sees "everyone around her" having sex and has trouble deciding
whether to give in to her boyfriend and join the crowd.   When she finds a bundle of
old letters, she discovers that her mother wrestled with the same questions-- for the
letters are written by her mother to Jessie, before she had even been born.

A piece with no villains and no easy answers, Letter to My Daughter tackles some of
the toughest questions today's young people face. While never preaching or pretending
to have perfect answers, the play ultimately promotes abstinence as the safest course
through these difficult waters.

Originally commissioned by ShenanArts, this play was toured to junior high and high
schools throughout central and western Virginia, and was so successful that it
received funding for an additional year's tour.

To download a copy of Letter to My DaughterCLICK HERE

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asks the question: What do the Marx Brothers, Abbot and Costello and the Three
Stooges know about math? The answer is "Plenty!" in this comic exploration of the
number, p.  Three scenes offer each of these classic comedy teams a chance to take
their best swipe at addressing the mysteries and marvels of this seemingly simple
number which has stumped the best mathematicians for thousands of years.
Moving from basic introduction to social implications to practical application,
Three Slices of Pi is an engaging exploration for students 10 and up.

Originally commissioned by the Science Museum of Virginia, PI has been
entertaining audiences for over a year now and is still going strong.

To download your own piece of Pi, CLICK HERE

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A planetarium narration which introduces audiences to the many fascinating
phenomena surrounding our sun.
When  a newlywed couple goes shopping for "something special," they find
themselves in a very exclusive showroom, considering whether they should
buy a star... and when their sales associate shows them a particularly
cute yellow dwarf model, they just can't resist.

To download your own trip to the Solar Showroom, CLICK HERE

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Of course, everyone knows that Art alone seldom pays the bills.  So, I do my best
to bring artistry and fun to a range of corporate clients, in the form of scripts for
training films and narrations.

In the interest of space I will list only four but there have been dozens,
and I'm always happy to provide more upon request.

This driver's safety film has won multiple national awards and was purchsed by
UPS to educate its drivers internationally.  We're think State Farm may have 
gotten the idea for its "Mayhem" campaign from this film, but we executed the
idea less for laughs than for the eye-opening value of seeing how deadly 
distracted driving can be.

To download a copy of Driven to Distraction, CLICK HERE

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Written for the FBI as part of its ongoing anti-terrorism effort, this short film 
dramatically illustrates the necessity for academic environments to secure their 
inventories of dangerous chemicals. 

To download a copy of Chemical Countermeasures, CLICK HERE

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is a health and safety product which offers a straightforward presentation of basic rules
for iron workers, in accordance with OSHA guidelines.  I include it to demonstrate
my ability to handle very dry material in what I think is a human and accessible way.

To download a copy of Fall Prevention, CLICK HERE

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is an HR-based film dealing with the subject of what's known as "General Harassment"--
that is, the sorts of behaviors many states have ruled illegal apart from the federally
prohibited discriminations against race, sex, and so on.  The film follows four workers
who have been called together to receive "sensitivity training" and who absolutely know
they've done nothing wrong... until they have a chance to talk about and see things from
the victim's side.

To download a copy of It Can't Happen Here CLICK HERE

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