If you're one of the people to whom I've sent a Christmas story, 
but you've got some catching up to
do on stories I wrote before we knew one another, 
you can use the following links and catch up.

(The first two were typed on an IBM selectric and saved and scannedas PDF by my
parents--thanks Mom and Dad!-- which accounts for the how their first pages look 

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under national and international copyright law.)

1991 Lady's Night In

1992 The Santa Channel

1993 Herald 

1994 The Winters Wild

1995 The Santa Club 

1996 The Presenting

1997 Pole Star 

1998 The View (the first of the "Special Gifts" stories)

1999 Helen's Mirror

2000 The Artemis Snare 

2001 Written on the Wind

2002 Greetings

2003 The Makers and the Saint

2004 Waking Santa

2005 Silent Night

2006 The Luck Box

2007 The Wish Window

2008 The Three Kindnesses Of Christmas 

2009 The Perfect Toy

2010 The Story Doll

2011 In Good Time

2012 Dog's Christmas

2013 Lucky Nate

2014 Further Shores

2015 Nikki's Glass

2016 Tune in This Christmas

2017 The Farmer and the Saint

2018 Pally

2019 The Professors' Party

2020 Makers All

2021 Sofia's Armor

2022 When Christmas was in Doubt

2023 The Yule House