When I'm not in the studio, I'm busily creating scripts for a variety of media, from theatrical plays
to corporate and industrial training films to museum narrations. 
Just ahead, I make a small selection
available for downloading.  


Before I can grant you access to my work, I must ask that you read and agree (or not)
to the following statement of rights and ownership:

All the work offered herein is protected
by each and every form of international copyright law, present and future.
The scripts are offered for perusal only; in the event that production rights or other permissions
are sought, the reader should get in touch with me using any or all of the methods listed in the
"Contact Info" section of this site (CLICK HERE to find that section.)

If you click on "I AGREE," you're acknowledging that we're onto you.  Your IP address will be
automatically stored in a database of Usual Suspects.  Specially-bred Canary-Island Mastiffs,
trained in the subtleties of international copyright law, will be provided with your scent and will
be placed in a state we like to call "Carnivorous Standby."  Your picture, as provided by the
tiny "web-cam" in your keyboard (you didn't know that's what that thing is?) will be distributed
to law enforcement agencies, many of which specialize in excessive force.  Services which you have
come to take for granted, such as pizza delivery or clean drinking water, shall suddenly become
rare and difficult to obtain.  The Maitre D' of your favorite restaurant shall continue to accept your
bribes, but he will feign ignorance of your identity.  The "surprise endings" to many upcoming
films shall be revealed to you before you have a chance to enjoy them.  There shall be a variety
of plagues visited upon your house (Locusts. Boils. You get the idea.)

In other words: By all means, enjoy my work.  Read at your leisure.  But don't think you can make
copies or mount royalty-free productions without paying the most dire consequences.

The Mastiffs and I are  watching.

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